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The World 1st LED modules applied in Medical Lighting System by YIDA & OSRAM

The state-of-the-art NCLED is a ‘close-knit’ of ‘perfect innovation’ and ‘classic optical design’, for which translates into a higher illumination level of 160,000 lux with the lowest possible energy consumption (105W), shadow-free and gap-free illumination of the uniformed and optimum lighting field is tunable easily for illumination depth and distribution size. Durable high-performance offers real free of maintenance.


  • Low light beam temperature as no IR in LED spectra.
  • GLARE FREE DESIGN of Reflector-relaxed work, supports wellbeing and not getting tired while long surgeries.
  • No glare and blue hazard tested spectral design-no negative impacts of LED illumination on health of doctors eyes.

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