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Evonos Gmbh & Co. KG

evonos seems to know what surgeons need to get the best job done.

Design by discipline

evonos products are used in various disciplines. Our understanding of the specific requirements has always led to advanced products that provide benefits for surgeons and contribute to better patient outcomes.

100% German-made quality

Our evonos products are manufactured here in Germany, and are quality-checked before they leave our factory. When you order from evonos, you know that you will receive a high-quality product that performs exactly to your specifications. This quality ethos runs through the entire company. From our sustainability record to our staffing practices, we believe in doing things right.

Operating room

While evonos manufactures a wide range of tools for the surgeon to use, we also understand the importance of the environment in which he or she operates. Our advanced evoLight illumination system is the first in a range of products designed to create the perfect conditions for successful surgery.