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Company Profile

Shanghai YIDA Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is a certified high and new tech enterprise in Shanghai integrating scientific research and production. A group of advanced engineers dedicate themselves to R&D of medical equipments, while administrative personnel of various fields gather to create a characteristic enterprise. Located in Songjiang District, Shanghai the company now has 3,500 square meters of independent workshop, complete production facilities, perfect testing measures and a strong team of middle/senior engineers, advanced technician backbones and other young and middle-aged staff. We conduct the R&D, production and after-sales service of the medical equipments with great development strength and commercializing abilities, and are among the leading enterprises of OR devices: surgical light and operating table.

After over 20 years of cultivation and development, YIDA has now established its sales network around China, with products sales in almost all 3-A hospitals of various provinces, cities and autonomous regions. So far, YIDA has formed a strategic alliance with internationally renowned brand suppliers to jointly enter international middle and high-end markets, with products exported to various countries in North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

"Excellence, Innovation and Internationalization" is the quality policy of the company and pursuit of all employees as well as a succinct summery of YIDA’s corporate culture.

Production Process


The company has a group of carefully selected and qualified suppliers. We make annual to sift out unqualified ones and replenish with good ones to ensure the reliability and quality of outsourcing.


Both our company and the suppliers have signed a "technical agreement" that ensure goods warranty, together with inspection specifications. All raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods have to go through full inspection or sampling of the quality supervision department. Those that fail to meet the standards are not allowed to the production line. Non-conforming products are returned, discarded or modified by the supplier for another inspection, until it reaches the standards.

3.Production process

Production Process.

4.Product testing

According to GB9706.1, YY0570-2005, YY0505, IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2 and other national medical standards, as well as "product standards" recognized by Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Medical Device, we implement a serious inspection and test for all finished products. 


Packaging of finished products use wooden packaging, with wooden strut fixing cardboard box (carton) inside to avoid shaking during transportation. Domestic sale products use ordinary wooden box while export products use fumigation-free wood to meet export inspection and quarantine requirements.